The most important part of the set to increase PR

Typically, strength trainers are focused on one specific goal, the PR (personal record), especially for those compound muscle group routines. For example; the squat dead lift or the bench/dumbbell presses. Whatever your style maybe it is important to stay focused on form. Move in a controlled direction. Keeping track of your progress is the key to personal development, whether it is with help from a lifting partner or dedicated equipment, like the USDB300, when you need it the most.

Why use a dumbbell support for the dumbbell press routine?

We often hear people say; “Lifting of the dumbbells into position is part of the routine“, even though most opt for a support system on other types of press routines. For example the barbell bench presses. Do they pick the barbell off the floor, unless doing a dead lift? So why pick the dumbbells up off the floor and not a barbell? The answer is, either they didn’t have access to a suitable dumbbell support or simply didn’t know it exists.

Most seasoned heavy lifters we have encountered, here at KLON, LLC., prefer, given the choice, will always choose to use the USDB300 by KLON LLC and we are sure you will too. The USDB300 not only allows you to save your precious energy for the most important part of the set, the last few reps, it is a safer approach to starting the routine.