The DB300 makes working out
easier and safer.

Just set up and start lifting. The DB300 retracts upon lift off to let you complete your reps and easily replace dumbbells on trays.

Finally, a devise that lets you perform a 100% free-weight dumbbell press without any chains, hooks, cables or ropes. You choose the position right where you need it. Simply place the dumbbells on to the retraction trays, get into position and when you lift the dumbbells the trays automatically retract out for the way allowing you to perform your routine and conveniently replace the dumbbells to the trays upon completion of the set.


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Strength Training Assistant

Utilizing the DB300 in your workout will give you the results you strive for in building strength, stamina and body mass, so desired in strength training.

Affordable and

The DB300 is the only affordable Dumbbell Attachment that is easily configurable for incline, flat, or decline seated dumbbell press routines.


It's so effective and efficient that it is currently undergoing the examination process of the United States Patent Office.