Meet your new workout assistant.
The DB300 is the only affordable Dumbbell Attachment that is easily configurable for incline, flat, or decline seated dumbbell press routines.


How does the DB300 work?

Step One
Load the dumbbells on the individual racks.

Step Two
Pull trays out into ready position.

Step Three
Start lifting and the DB300 ingeniously retracts out of the way.

Step Four
Return the weights back to the rack. The DB300 is precisely positioned during the workout so you're able to put forth all power into the routine and easily return the weights to the trays while in the retracted position.


What about traditional style lifting?

The USDB300 can be easily removed for traditional bench press style lifting.


Do I need special equipment?

The USDB300 Fits  peg style cage Racks with 5/8" to 1" posts and allows the lifter to workout in a timely fashion.

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