Retractable Dumbbell Support

By today’s standards, people of all ages are striving to live healthier lives. That’s why the dumbbell delivery system is soon to be a staple in wide variety of fitness training facilities.

Michael Klonoski, the inventor of the “Dumbbell Delivery System” and the founder of Klon, LLC. , is currently seeking companies and/or individuals to join this pursuit.

For consideration in investment opportunities with the United States Patent #9717943 B2  “Retractable Dumbbell Support “ contact Michael at Klon, LLC.

Having received Hollywood endorsements from Celebrity Sweat Host “Eric the Trainer” and fantastic reviews from Lou Ferrigno, Jr., leads Michael to believe there is great potential for market success.

US Patent #9717943 B2
“Retractable Dumbbell Support “

Class / Subclass: 482/104
Patent Number: 9,717,943
First Named Inventor: Michael Klonoski, Haddam, CT (US)
Issue Date of Patent: 08-01- 2017


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Your new workout assistant.
The DB300 is the only affordable Dumbbell Attachment that is easily configurable for incline, flat, or decline seated dumbbell press routines.