Our Mission

KLON, LLC is on a mission to make weightlifting safer and the DB300 is the beginning. When used properly, the unique design of the DB300 will eliminate the awkward movements that lead to the most common injuries during these routines.

The DB300

The DB300 is a patented retraction mechanism (US9717943B2), granted by the United States Patent office in August 2017. This ingenious device provides a flexible way for lifters to safely get the most out of their dumbbell press routines in a timely manner. The DB300 complements most Power Rack style cages, equipped with one inch (25mm) posts.

Investment Opportunity

Invest $45,000 in exchange for 20% equity in KLON LLC including IP US9717943B2. This investment will  allow us to continue introducing the method we developed that solves the problem athletes often encounter performing the dumbbell press, thereby, reducing the chances of injury associated with this problem, through the implementation of an aggressive marketing campaign. Contact Mike Klonoski directly at support@klonllc.com.

Seeking Sponsors

Michael Klonoski, founder of KLON, LLC is actively seeking a sponsor or partner to join him in his vision. If you or your company is interested in becoming involved with this product in exchange for equity in KLON, LLC (including patented equipment) please let us know by filling out the form on this page.

Having received Hollywood endorsements from Celebrity Sweat Host “Eric the Trainer” and fantastic reviews from Lou Ferrigno, Jr., leads Michael to believe there is great potential for market success.

US Patent #9717943 B2
“Retractable Dumbbell Support “

Class / Subclass: 482/104
Patent Number: 9,717,943
First Named Inventor: Michael Klonoski, Haddam, CT (US)
Issue Date of Patent: 08-01- 2017


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Your new workout assistant.
The DB300 is the only affordable Dumbbell Attachment that is easily configurable for incline, flat, or decline seated dumbbell press routines.