Eric the Trainer - DB300 Review

— Eric the Trainer | Celebrity Trainer

The KLON Dumbbell Delivery System is one of the most innovative training systems that I have ever used. No longer must you waste precious glycogen as you stabilize heavy dumbbells before each working set. The KLON DDS is the safest and most effective way to fully maximize each and every set, allowing your to save your precious energy for the most important part of your workout, those final few reps.
As a lifelong fitness professional, KLON allows me to get the most results out of every set and every rep, from every workout, safely without a training parner. I highly recommend this apparatus as a staple in every industrial and home gym!

-Lou Ferrigno Jr., Co-Owner | Ferrigno Legacy


The KLON DDS is a great Fitness equipment assistant for Dumbbell Shoulder Press and Dumbbell Chest Press. Universal Fitness Center purchased the DDS a year ago and our clients have enjoy increasing their max reps with the assistance of the DDS. Its a must have for all!

— Ysidro "Sid" Martinez | Universal Fitness Center

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